Mostly nature and photojournalism of amateur standard.

By: Amir Ridhwan

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Thursday, 12-Jun-2008 13:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hutan Lipur Soga, Batu Pahat

Spitting spider
Attacking a jumping spider
Daddy longlegs
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I went to this recreational forest some 2 weeks ago. Over the weekend I went there 3 times and managed to get several decent shots. Somehow I happen to encounder at least 4 spitting spiders, a family that I only seen once before this. The best is to actually witness it attacking a prey. I frantically get my camera to capture at least a few consolation shots.

Saturday, 10-May-2008 15:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fashion show at The Curve

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I know that I should be ashamed of myself. This is the first time I miss my weekly/fortnightly posting and ended up having no update for over a month. To make it worse, I should have a special edition posting at the end of April to mark my 2nd anniversary here. Well, afterall I am only human.

Due to lack of idea, I made an impromptu decision this afternoon to get some shots of the fashion show at The Curve. At first I was quite reluctant to go as I reckon there'll be jam packed with photographers carrying bazookas and hogging every decent space around the runway. This contemplating habit took its toll as I arrived a bit late. Whoa, I really cannot find where to park my bike within the maze of lanes and edifices. When I finally there, I realized my dslr battery is weak and my flash batteries are very close to exhaustion.

OK, enough gibbersih and here are the lame shots.

Sunday, 6-Apr-2008 12:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Best of 2007

Best Silhouette
Best Cultural
Best Event
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It probably a bit too late for such an entry. I wanted to have this much earlier but was quite bigged down with other duties at the time. So a few days later I took the time to look through some of my favourite images and select a few that worth mentioning here.

I shot this during the 2007 Thaipusam festival. I arrived shortly before sunrise and was able to capture the early morning ray.

This was also taken during the 2007 Thaipusam. The young devotee was on the way to the main temple in Batu Caves.

My colleagues at the company dinner.

A lake within a large cluster in Taman Gelora, Kuantan. The place is nice for jogging and macro safari.

My nephew Humairah. She loves to be photographed and is very photogenic.

A lady on board one of those parade cars during the 50th Merdeka celebration.

A dude at a cafe in KLCC.

Wedding of my friends. Both were my colleagues in my previous employment.

A riot police trying to kick away a stray tear gas canister. This was during the HINDRAF rally.

A trapdoor spider emerging from her burrow. This spider belongs to a family of the most primitive spider in existance and known as a living fossil. Archeological findings showed remarkable resemblance with fossils dated over 300 million years back.

Sunday, 30-Mar-2008 12:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wedding of Siti Marlina

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A long time friend got married so I dropped by to her wedding just now. Since I have to shuttle people around, I didn't stay long. Took a few shots of her and the groom.

Sunday, 23-Mar-2008 17:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Moulting (molting) is a process where a spider sheds off its exoskeleton. The main purpose is to enable the spider to grow though matured female tarantulas moult every year for maintenance purpose. While moulting the spider is in a vulnerable state and cannot defend itself. If moulting is done without adequate space, abnormality might occur with the new skin which might prevent future moult hence resulting in death.

Before moulting, a spider usually withdraw to a retreat and stop feeding. When it is ready to molt, a spider hangs upside down from a thread and the carapace will open. Then the abdomen is liberated and the last stage is taking the legs out. For most spiders, the process lasts between 10-20 minutes but can go for hours for tarantulas.

After undergoing a moult, the spider will rest for a while to adjust with the new skin. Depending on species, a spider moult about 7-9 times before mature. Sexual organs might only be apparent after the last moult and in some species, would be the easiest time to determine gender.

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